Kevin Leon Felderhoff
Specializing in American Handcrafted Heirloom Reclaimed Furniture & Wood Turned Art

Kevin Felderhoff is a woodworker and woodturner currently residing in Brevard, North Carolina. He was born and raised in Muenster, Texas and earned a BS in Industrial Technology with an emphasis in Construction Management from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas.

Kevin's love for building things and working with wood started in high school, where he was fortunate to have an amazing shop teacher who taught him great woodworking techniques. He began designing and building furniture in high school, and has continued to do so throughout his life using reclaimed barnwood and mesquite.

While living in Alabama, he was introduced to woodturning by a colleague and quickly became involved with the Alabama Woodturners. In 2009, he was elected as the President of the organization. He started turning on a Rikon Mini Lathe in 2007 and now uses a Powermatic 3520B.

Living in the mountains of North Carolina, he has had the opportunity to participate in numerous exhibitions and demonstrations. Fallen wood is prevalent in the area, which has provided him with the opportunity to challenge and grow his analytical and artistic mind. He finds turning to be stimulating and mentally challenging, as he analyzes the rescued wood and calculates the best angle to mount it on the lathe.

Kevin is a member of the Carolina Mountain Woodturners and the American Association of Woodturners. Through these organizations, he has been able to connect with other woodturners, learn new techniques, and showcase his work in exhibitions and galleries. He has also written numerous articles for the AAW, sharing his expertise and knowledge of woodturning with others. In addition, he teaches Woodturning at
John C Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina.

One of the unique items Kevin is known for turning is wooden cowboy hats. He has created many beautiful and intricate designs that showcase the versatility and creativity of woodturning.

For Kevin, it is particularly satisfying to rescue a gnarly piece of wood and transform it into an exquisite piece of unique art. His passion for woodturning continues to inspire and impress, and he looks forward to continuing to create beautiful and innovative pieces in the years to come.

John C Campbell 2023 - Foundations in Woodturning
CMW 2023 - Wood Stem Wine Glass / Threading Acorns

John C Campbell 2022 - Foundations in Woodturning
John C Campbell 2022 - Wood Turning "Log to Bowl" Assistant

Arrowmont School of Arts 2022 - Carolina Mountain Woodturners Retreat
Arrowmont School of Arts 2019 - Carolina Mountain Woodturners Retreat
Arrowmont School of Arts 2018 - Carolina Mountain Woodturners Retreat

Wood Stem Wine Glass – 2017 Carolina Mountain Woodturners
Wood Stem Wine Glass – 2016 Alabama Woodturners
Woodturning a Mini and Full Hat –2010, Brevard, North Carolina
Basics of Woodturning – 2010, Brevard, North Carolina

Annual CMW Retreat Builds Community February 2024
THREADED ACORNS MADE EASY AAW Woodturning Fundamentals August 2022
A Commemorative Urn For a Special Friend -  AAW Journal December 2018


Learn the Fundamentals of Woodturning This Summer with Kevin Felderhoff

Kevin Felderhoff Exhibits at Blue Moon Gallery The Laurel of Ashville - Jan 2021
The Second Rodeo  Bold Life - Feb 2021
North Texas Farm & Ranch – May/June 2013

Davis and Blevins Gallery – Saint Jo, Texas

YouTube Channel
Woodturning Video of Cowboy Hat with over 1,600,000 hits
Woodturning a Mesquite Crotch Into a Flying Winged Vase 
Wood Cowboy Hats - Snapshot of the process
Turning Miniature Wood Hats - Golden Triangle Woodturners
Woodturning by Light

John C Campbell- Wood turned a Mini Cowboy Hat
Brasstown Woodturners Guild- Wood turned a Mini Cowboy Hat

Piedmont Triad Woodturners - Threading Acorns Made Easy
Golden Triangle Woodturners - Threading Acorns Made Easy (IRD)

Golden Triangle Woodturners - Hollowing a Vase with a Camera (IRD)

Carolina Mountain Woodturners - Hollowing  a Vase with a Camera (IRD)

North Carolina Woodturners - Mesquite Crotch Into a Flying Winged Vase

Carolina Mountain Woodturners - Mesquite Winged Vase & Wood Stem Wine Glass

Woodcraft of Greenville, SC - Open House woodturning a Mini Cowboy Hat

Alabama Woodturners- Mesquite Crotch Into a Flying Winged Vase
Woodturners of North Texas - Woodturning Mini Cowboy Hat

SWAT-  Woodturning a Mesquite Crotch Into a Flying Winged Vase
Golden Triangle Woodturners - Mesquite Crotch Into a Flying Winged Vase
Dallas Area Woodturners - Woodturning Mini Cowboy Hat

Golden Triangle Woodturners - Woodturning Mini Cowboy Hat


CurrentCarolina Mountain WoodturnersAmerican Association of WoodturnersGolden Triangle Woodturners Association
and Transylvania North Carolina Community Arts Council
Past: Alabama Woodturners Association

Carolina Mountain Woodturners – Board & Camera & Film production

Alabama Woodturners Association – Past President 2009
Carolina Mountain Woodturners – Camera & Film production
Arrowmont School of Arts 2018 – Retreat Instructor
Number 7 Arts – Media Support