John C Campbell - 2022
Foundations in Woodturning
Assistant: David Hoenig

Projects at a Glance

1. Making Beads and Coves: Learn the fundamentals of creating beads, coves, and flats, focusing on mastering the three basic shapes.
2. Bud Vases: Start with a simple project like a bud vase, toothpick holder, or small twig pot. Refine your gouge control, entry cuts, and explore shape and design.
3. Wood Stem Wine Glasses: Dive into the art of turning wood stem wine glasses, building upon the skills acquired from previous projects for a slightly more complex endeavor.
4. Threaded Acorns: Experience the joy of crafting threaded acorns, a personal favorite project. Discover the easy method of threading and impress others with interchangeable lids.

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