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John C Campbell
Intergenerational Week
2024 July 14 - 20
Assistant: David Hoenig

Foundations in Woodturning

We're in for an enjoyable week turning small, functional, and decorative objects. Once we finish these projects, you'll have the skills to create any project you desire. Throughout the week, you'll gain a deep understanding of crucial concepts and processes in the realms of woodturning and design. We'll cover the safe usage of woodturning lathes and traditional lathe tools. Additionally, we'll delve into design principles and wood properties. This class is suitable for both beginners and those with intermediate skills.

Projects at a Glance

1. Making Beads and Coves: Learn the fundamentals of creating beads, coves, and flats, focusing on mastering the three basic shapes.
2. Bud Vases: Start with a simple project like a bud vase, toothpick holder, or small twig pot. Refine your gouge control, entry cuts, and explore shape and design.
3. Wood Turned Bowls: Embark on the journey of shaping raw wood into functional elegance as you delve into the intricate process of turning a wooden bowl.
4. Christmas Trees: Master gouge control, entry cuts, and festive design for holiday woodworking.
5. Threaded Acorns: Experience the joy of crafting threaded acorns, a personal favorite project. Discover the easy method of threading and impress others with interchangeable lids.

*Class projects may be adjusted slightly prior to class.

Join us in these engaging projects and expand your woodturning repertoire.

JCCFS | Learn the Fundamentals of Woodturning

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Intergenerational Week
2024 July 14 - 20

Intergenerational Week at John C. Campbell Folk School introduces younger generations to the enriching world of art, music, and traditional mountain crafts. Families come together as youths aged 12-17 take classes with a parent, grandparent, or other special relative or guardian. Join us for this rewarding summer experience!