John C Campbell - 2023
August 27 - September 2   
Foundations in Woodturning
Assistant : Thom Crothers

What an exceptional class with a wonderful sense of camaraderie! Together, we mastered the art of riding the bevel, crafted some remarkable pieces, and even discovered a few poets among us. Explore their impressive creations below.

Projects at a Glance

1. Making Beads and Coves: Learn the fundamentals of creating beads, coves, and flats, focusing on mastering the three basic shapes.
2. Bud Vases: Start with a simple project like a bud vase, toothpick holder, or small twig pot. Refine your gouge control, entry cuts, and explore shape and design.
3. Wood Stem Wine Glasses: Dive into the art of turning wood stem wine glasses, building upon the skills acquired from previous projects for a slightly more complex endeavor.
4. Threaded Acorns: Experience the joy of crafting threaded acorns, a personal favorite project. Discover the easy method of threading and impress others with interchangeable lids.
5. Small Wooden Bowl: Embark on the journey of shaping raw wood into functional elegance as you delve into the intricate process of turning a wooden bowl.

Join us in these engaging projects and expand your woodturning repertoire.

JCCFS | Learn the Fundamentals of Woodturning

Student Photos

Riding the Bevel

Student Projects

Notes & Poems

To John C Campbell we came.
We traveled from far and wide.
Ten strangers from different backgrounds,
Two instructors: our lessons to guide.

Some were already adept at turning;
A few were novices who struggled at the start.
All were committed to doing their best
To create beauty in a challenging form of art.

Cherry, spalted maple, and oak
We are Lovers of Lovely Wood:
The silky feel on a piece well sanded,
The satisfaction when the cut is good.

Our instructors were patient and gave extra help.
Generous with materials and time were they.
We appreciated the camaraderie with teachers and students
And the friendships that will always stay.

So, we’ll never forget our supportive classmates.
We’ll always remember the “BEVEL to RIDE”.
We are now much stronger as lifelong learners.
In our dedication to art, we’ll take pride.

dlb, 2023

My tool meets the wood

Uh oh. It’s another catch
Ride the damn bevel

ks 2023

Hi Kevin
I took your advice and joined the Hickory club for Woodturners. Have a couple of good mentors. Made these pens for Christmas presents for my family.
Thanks for the instruction and encouragement.
Merry Christmas- D